Welcome to District XII





"The Sky is the Limit "


Letter from the TRTA-District XII President:                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

As we begin a new year in District XII TRTA, I hope everyone is anticipating the great events that are going to take place in our district and our local units. Throughout the years, District XII has been noted for its leadership abilities, but I believe the conditions are in place for District XII to excel to its ultimate destiny.  With much hard work mixed in with an invincible spirit and maybe even a few tears, I know District XII can soar to greatness.  The sky is the limit; we are ready to soar!  Let’s pack our bags, untie the ropes that are restraining us, and let us lift off.  It is time to begin our journey of excellence.

 There is no reason why every local should not have a positive increase in membership.  There is no reasonable rationale prohibiting us from breaking our District XII membership record this year.  What is to stop us from donating more books, giving more scholarships, supporting more TRTA committees, and becoming more involved in our communities than previous years?  Why can’t District XII be the model that all the other districts imitate?  

Evidence dictates that the only thing that can impede our sojourn in the clouds is our fear of the unknown.  Why should we hesitate?  We have great local and district leaders, we are united in our dedication to the causes of TRTA, and we work together as a team to achieve our goals.  Today, we soar in the clouds, why not tomorrow reaching for the heavens. 

As we begin our journey this year, let us dream about the places we are going to go and the places we are going to visit.  Let us envision all the great things we are going to accomplish this year and let us make those goals a reality.   As we kickoff this campaign, please fly with District XII in our hot air balloon and travel with us to the exotic places of the world.  Imagine flying around the world in one day, not eighty. Will you fly with us in our big balloon? Your passport has been verified, and we are waiting on you.  The sky is the limit, and our marvelous adventure is just beginning.  Are you ready to rocket toward greatness?


Earl Wall