District President’s Newsletter for October 2018

Judy Hart 


State President Pat Macias: (1) Please notify the state office of your Local Unit Support Liaison if you have not done so. Usually, the President will take that position if no one else steps up. (2) Bylaw amendments from the units or districts are due November 1. (3) E.L. Galyean nominations are due to the TRTA office by December 15. Every unit has the opportunity to nominate someone for that award. (4) Bring a Friend to Homecoming campaign continues through Oct. 31. Each One Bring One doubles during this campaign. Oct. 15th is the deadline for TRTAConnect, and it counts toward your local unit’s score. Dues payments must be postmarked by Oct. 31, if you are mailing them in.  (5) The current membership is 81,378. We still have over 11,000 local unit members who have not renewed. That’s a lot of potential! (6) November is TRTF (Foundation) month. (7) Treasurers, watch for an email from Rosalind Johnson or Sarah Richardson next week regarding submission of annual treasurer forms from the local units. Quite a few are outstanding. The state audit is approaching, so they need those forms. 

General Election: (1) Voter registration ended Tuesday, October 9. (2) Early voting runs from October 22 through November 2. (3) Oct. 26: last day to apply for ballot by mail. (4) Election Day is November 6. 

District Fall Conference: Please come on October 18.Registration begins at 9:00 a.m. The meeting begins at 9:30.  District Co-Chair of Member Benefits Jeanne Todd has arranged for the Canyon Chamber Choir to sing two pieces for us. We think the entire Region 16 building attendees will be pleased with their performance. We hope the entire conferencewill be both informative and entertaining for you all. MeritaZoga will talk to us about the Texas Retirement System of Texas. We will be amazed at the insight this woman has on our pension money matters. Marcy Cann, TRTA’s state II VP, will speak to us about important issues. Jo Stroebel and her Dumas team will lead us in a beautiful memorial service, when we will donate toys to the Ronald McDonald House, one new toy for each member who has passed away. Youngblood’s is catering again, and the meal is free to you. 

Payroll Deduction! Did you know that payroll deduction for your state membership dues hardly hurts at all. It costs less than a Route 44 at Sonic. Try it! You’ll like it! ​  

Traveling the Byways and Highways of the Top of Texas with Judy 

I was privileged to begin my presidential journey in Tulia, Texas, the only place that I got lost. I arrived with the pony express Jeanne Todd guiding me in the last leg. Lunch with the Swisher-Briscoe RSP was a lovely potluck picnic. Both the lunch and meeting took place in a beautiful Garden of Eden setting with an impressive 1911 yellow Victorian home in the background. Mary Anna and Pastor Ernie McGaughey hosted the gathering. President Peggy Bush insisted that I have the honor of presenting a School Bell framed award certificate to The Swisher County News; then she even let me talk for a bit. We got to hear from the new Superintendent of Schools in Tulia, Tim Glover. 


Sally Murrell & Beth Wallace loved the lovely picnic and garden meeting! 


Jeanne Todd, JoBurtaHelms, and Cassandra Wells working with the Swisher-Briscoe RSP Book Project! 


Sue Powell, Jeanne Todd, and Becky Weatherly at the 

District 17 meeting in Lubbock, TX. You can barely 

see Jerry Pybus & Doneice Ray in the background. 

We went to hear Tim Lee, our TRTA Director speak 

along with  Senator Charles Perry and Representatives 

Dustin Burrows and John Frullo.  


I journeyed to Canyon to visit with the Dimmitt Area RSPA. President Cheryl Upshaw asked me if I had received enough attention!  Oh, my!  Evidently, every member had been meticulously trained to greet me courteously. We enjoyed a lovely backyard brunch. The setting was another Garden of Eden. The meal overwhelmed with platters of fruit, delicious casseroles, and salads. Their program was from Judy Boothe, a C.C.N. who introduced us to alternative nutrition. Mrs. Boothe’shusband became sick two weeks after their marriage, and she soon had Lupas, R.A., and kidney disease. She started researching the body and nutrients. Within 4 ½ years, she had her health back because of organic food, exercise, supplements, and positive thinking. She understands the connection between the spiritual and the physical. I loved her encouragement to study to develop new brain pathways. Do not ever eat genetically modified food. And, I could go on and on. The chairs even entertained me with their reports. 


Dimmitt Area RSPA 

enjoying a brunch in their own glory garden surrounded by a dozen statues of children and cute animals. 


Collingsworth Co RSPA talk one on one with Senator Kel Seligerfollowing the Town Talk in Wellington! 

Fraya Nix Hampton asks a question of Kel Seliger. 

Dimmit Area RSPA having a grand time visiting!  


I journeyed over hill and dale to get to Wellington’s Collingsworth Co RSPA. They were meeting in a lovely Church of Christ fellowship hall that President Phyllis Floyd had decorated in fall colors. I found it interesting that this unit collected higher dues because they include scholarship money into the individual unit dues. Everyone contributes an equal share. They don’t have to pass the money jar at each meeting or sell Kenneth Wyatt paintings through raffle tickets. I enjoyed the program—whoops! I was the program! I know that TRTA is about fighting diligently for our pension and health care, but I hope I gave them some concept of what other things are important in retirees’ lives. It’s truly the volunteerism part that gives meaning to our lives. They were a lovely group who allowed me to join with them after a potluck luncheon to attend a Town Hall meeting with Senator Kel Seliger. He spoke about public education (40% of the budget) transportation projects, complaints, Chapter 42 and the Robin Hood mindset, local taxes, bilingual teachers and Sherman county’s 26 languages, police departments, guns, the arming of churches, bathroom issues, the STAAR test, registering to vote, homosexual marriages, medical marijuana, the value of community colleges, and mental hospitals. Ironically, I had to miss seeing him in Borger earlier that morning. It was an insightful meeting. The government students who joined us in the auditorium were kind and interacted with Senator Seliger as did the engaging Collingsworth Co RSPA.  Unfortunately, I was so busy visiting and having a good time that I didn’t take photos of this lovely group except at the high school. 

I also journeyed to Perryton, where the Perryton Area RSPA met at the Senior Citizens Center, ate a nice meal with chocolate cake, and then met in a private room. President Bobette Doerrieconducted the business meeting, called on the chairs to give their reports, and then introduced Laurie McAfee from the Area Agency on Aging. She introduced the new Medicare cards, talked about possible frauds, and gave advice on what to do with the cards. Do not laminate them because you will be guilty of altering a government document. Medicare fraud is big business, so members must watch what is being charged to Medicare, even by conscientious doctors. If you did not receive a service, report it.  You will receive quarterly summary notices. That’s when you check carefully for fraudulent charges. Medicare and IRS do not call you. There are at least 29 preventive services. Scamming on drugs is a big business also. We senior citizens are targets and must remain vigilant. The members asked questions and learned much. 

I loved every unit visit. I know that Region 16 has the kindest, most hospitable people in the world. I look forward to meeting more of you soon! 


Perryton Area RSPA’s

Roberta Christian, Historian,

and President BobetteDoerrie

Perryton Area RSPA’s Chairs 

Dora Ward, Anna Lee Barton, Renee Lee, 

Minta Wilson, and Cecelia Cates

Hutchinson Co. RSPA President Charla Overton and District President Judy Hart